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What is the legal age to purchase and use cannabis?
The legal minimum age to purchase and use cannabis is 19 in British Columbia. It is illegal to purchase cannabis for anyone under the age of 19.
How much cannabis can I purchase in one transaction?
30 grams of dried cannabis or its equivalent in edibles, oils, capsules, seeds, beverages etc.
What is the equivalency for products other than dried cannabis?
The 30 gram possession limit in the Cannabis Act is based on dried cannabis. Equivalents were developed for other cannabis products to identify what their possession limit would be.
One (1) gram of dried cannabis is equal to:
-5 grams of fresh cannabis
-15 grams of edible product
-70 grams of liquid product
-0.25 grams of concentrates (solid or liquid)
-1 cannabis plant seed
How much can individuals possess?
According to the Federal Cannabis Act, an individual may possess, in a public place, cannabis of one or more classes (dried flower, pre-rolls, oils, capsules, seeds) equivalent to 30 g of dried cannabis. There is a possession limit of 1000 g or equivalent in a private place.
Where can I legally use cannabis?
Cannabis may be consumed, smoked or vaped in public in the same places where tobacco can be smoked or vaped, except in places where children commonly gather. Cannabis may be consumed in a private place but be sure to check your local smoking bylaws as they vary from community to community.

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